smalltalkCI: A Continuous Integration Framework for Smalltalk Projects

smalltalkCI: A Continuous Integration Framework for Smalltalk Projects

Fabio Niephaus, Dale Henrichs, Marcel Taeumel, Tobias Pape, Tim Felgentreff, Robert Hirschfeld

01 November 2016

Continuous integration (CI) is a programming practice that reduces the risk of project failure by integrating code changes multiple times a day. This has always been important to the Smalltalk community, so custom integration infrastructures are operated that allow CI testing for Smalltalk projects shared in Monticello repositories or traditional changesets.

In the last few years, the open hosting platform GitHub has become more and more popular for Smalltalk projects. Unfortunately, there was no convenient way to enable CI testing for those projects.

We present smalltalkCI, a continuous integration framework for Smalltalk. It aims to provide a uniform way to load and test Smalltalk projects written in different Smalltalk dialects. smalltalkCI runs on Linux, macOS, and on Windows and can be used locally as well as on a remote server. In addition, it is compatible with Travis CI and AppVeyor, which allows developers to easily set up free CI testing for their GitHub projects without having to run a custom integration infrastructure.

Venue : IWST'16

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