aDFS: An Almost Depth-First-Search Distributed Graph-Querying System

aDFS: An Almost Depth-First-Search Distributed Graph-Querying System

Vasileios Trigonakis, Jean-Pierre Lozi, Tomas Faltin, Nicholas P. Roth, Iraklis Psaroudakis, Arnaud Delamare, Vlad Haprian, Calin Iorgulescu, Petr Koupy, Jinsu Lee, Sungpack Hong, Hassan Chafi

17 July 2021

Graph processing is an invaluable tool for data analytics. In particular, pattern-matching queries enable flexible graph exploration and analysis, similar to what SQL provides for relational databases. Graph queries focus on following connections in the data; they are a challenging workload because even seemingly trivial queries can easily produce billions of intermediate results and irregular data access patterns. In this paper, we introduce aDFS: A distributed graphquerying system that can process practically any query fully in memory, while maintaining bounded runtime memory consumption. To achieve this behavior, aDFS relies on (i) almost depth-first (aDFS) graph exploration with some breadth-first characteristics for performance, and (ii) non-blocking dispatching of intermediate results to remote edges. We evaluate aDFS against state-of-the-art graph-querying (Neo4J and GraphFrames for Apache Spark), graph-mining (G-Miner, Fractal, and Peregrine), as well as dataflow joins (BiGJoin), and show that aDFS significantly outperforms prior work on a diverse selection of workloads.

Venue : USENIX ATC '21 - USENIX Annual Technical Conference

File Name : PGXD_ADFS_USENIX_ATC21.pdf