Virendra Marathe

Consulting Member Technical Staff

Virendra Marathe

I head the Distributed Systems Group at Oracle Labs, where we study distributed computing problems relevant to Oracle's Cloud infrastructure and Machine Learning platforms. I am interested in all aspects of distributed systems including consistency, fault tolerance, load balancing, scheduling, programming models, use of advanced networking and storage hardware, and modern distributed Machine Learning platforms.  These days I am studying privacy preserving Machine Learning.

More broadly, I am interested in system software research. In the past I led the Penumbra project that researched implications of emerging byte addressable persistent memory technologies on enterprise systems. Before that, I was a member of the Scalable Synchronization Research Group, where we studied various aspects of concurrent programming, including concurrent algorithms, programming models, synchronization primitives, run time systems, languages, compiler and architectural support.


* Ph.D. Computer Science 2008, University of Rochester