Jeffrey Alexander

Consulting Member Technical Staff

Jeffrey Alexander

Jeff joined Oracle in February of 2010 via the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Shortly after the acquisition he spent several months consulting on the development of the Oracle NoSQL Database before returning to the newly re-formed Information Retrieval and Machine Learning research group, now called the Machine Learning Research Group. He has since worked on various projects including enterprise relevance, knowledge base question answering, ad-hoc question answering, and social media mining. In addition to his regular work, he maintains the web site for Tribuo, Oracle's open source Java machine learning library. He came to Sun's research lab in March of 2004 as a member of the Advanced Search Technologies group. In that role he made significant contributions to the Minion search engine and he designed and developed the AURA Project's, distributed data store.

Prior to his work at Sun and Oracle, Jeff spent five years at EMC Corporation. There, he worked on many projects, ranging from file system internals to a Java-based SAN automation infrastructure. Jeff graduated from Brown University in May of 1999 with an Sc.B. in Computer Science, where he focused his studies on networks and distributed computing.

During college, Jeff was part of a group of five engineers that founded X23 Technologies, Inc. This proved to be an educational experiment with the dot-com economy -- a software development consulting firm started by a bunch of engineers with no business plan and no capital that actually lasted for several years.


* ScB Computer Science 1999, Brown University