Damien Hilloulin

Research Manager

Damien Hilloulin

Damien Hilloulin is a Senior Member of Technical Staff at Oracle Labs Zurich.

He joined Oracle Labs in 2016 after completing his master degree in Computer Science at EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne).

Damien is focusing his work on PGX (Parallel Graph AnalytiX), mostly on its single machine runtime (PGX.SM). There he has been working on several topics, including the partitioned graph support (data model, internal representation, memory optimizations, query and algorithm optimizations) and Graph Machine learning (integration of GraphML models and addition of supporting data-structures such as PgxFrame). He is currently focusing on improving the graph mutability support in PGX.SM to be able to update graphs with billions of vertices and edges at high throughput and low latency while keeping memory consumption at bay.