Designing Highly Efficient High-Radix Crossbar Switches


Designing Highly Efficient High-Radix Crossbar Switches

Principal Investigator

Ken Mai, Professor Ken Mai

Carnegie Mellon University

Oracle Fellowship Recipient

Student Cagla Cakir


Oracle Labs and Carnegie Mellon are researching three areas of interest to Oracle systems.  First, we are studying scalable crossbars and demonstrating their efficiency and performance in silicon. In particular, we have found that a hierarchically-organized crossbar can scale to larger dimensions that are relevant to Oracle CPUs.  Second, work in the area of hardware security includes the design of secure hardware primitives (random number generators, crypto-accelerators), invasive and non-invasive attack countermeasures, supply chain security, and counterfeit detection.  Finally, as solid-state storage media is becoming more prevalent across the Oracle product line, we are working on characterizing the reliability/robustness of MLC flash as well as proposing novel ECC and management techniques.