Optimizing Interpreters from Dynamic Semantics Specifications


Optimizing Interpreters from Dynamic Semantics Specifications

Principal Investigator

Associate Professor Eelco Visser

DELFT University of Technology

Oracle Fellowship Recipient

Adil Akhter, Vlad Vergu

Oracle Principal Investigator

Hassan Chafi, Vice President, Research and Advanced Development
Sungpack Hong, Senior Research Director


Prof. Eelco Visser and his graduate students are building a compiler and eclipse-based IDE for Green-Marl using the Spoofax language workbench. Green-Marl is a graph analysis domain-specific language (DSL) designed, implemented and maintained at Oracle Labs. The project also includes experimenting with SpoofaxLang, an integrated DSL for expressing DSL compilers and IDEs to replace the current three DSLs that Spoofax uses. The long term goal of collaborating with Dr. Visser’s group is to develop an enterprise-class DSL infrastructure for rapidly authoring DSLs of relevance to Oracle’s target markets.