Transforming Information in Big Data into Application Domain Jargon


Transforming Information in Big Data into Application Domain Jargon

Principal Investigator

TU Darmstadt - Data Management

Oracle Fellowship Recipient

Annalena Blaensdorf, Christoph Brandt, Clara Berg, Florian Meisel, Jonas Botz, Khrystyna Rud, Kilian Demuth, Lucas Weissmann, Michael Bodensohn, Minh Nguyen, Paul Schickling

Oracle Principal Investigator

Anna Chystiakova
Dieter Gawlick
Kenny Gross, Architect
Kirk Bradley
Matthias Brantner, Senior Director
Paul Sonderegger
Zhen Hua Liu


At the base of mission-critical applications there is always a type of data capturing, and status/inventory management may be complemented by analytics and some necessary event processing. However, increasingly companies and organizations need a real awareness of issues and opportunities base on an in-depth analysis of the available data. This is the space of Situation Awareness, which was formulated by John Boyd in 1976 when he published his famous OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act). Oracle formalized and improved this work by an architecture called KIDS (Knowledge Intensive Data Management System). One of the challenges of KIDS and other ML-based systems is to present information derived from the captured data in a very comprehensive way using the jargon of the domain experts. This project will provide domain experts with a framework where they can get notified about abnormal conditions with an agreed upon domain jargon or a variant of it.

The preliminary planning of this research project encompasses three years; focusing on tangible results after one year. It is preliminary since it starts with assumptions that are going to be tested during the project and early results will enable sound adjustments to the current planning. The elements of this planning encompass assumptions, research, and engineering questions, work packages, tasks, value propositions, and deliverables.