Mining of click stream and social media data


Mining of click stream and social media data

Principal Investigator

Georgia Perakis

MIT, Sloan School

Oracle Principal Investigator

Robin Opie
Sajith Vijayan
Saraswati Yagnavajhala
Setareh Boroujeni
Su-Ming Wu


The popularity of on-line shopping and the ubiquity of social media have greatly increased the amount of data that retailers can analyze for insights that will help them retain customers and improve sales.  This research examines how analyzing customers’ on-line behavior in addition to their in-store behavior can result in an improved segmentation of customers that will allow the retailer to more effectively tailor pricing and promotions to individual customers.  A second part of this research will also examine how various “social Key Performance Indicators,” which are aggregate measures of social-media activity related to a retailer, may affect the retailer’s sales.  The knowledge of which social KPIs most affect sales can allow retailers to determine which types of social media are worthy of investment.