Conference Publication

Martlet: A scientific workflow language for abstracted parallelisation.
August 2006

This paper describes a work-flow language ‘Martlet’ for the analysis of large quantities of distributed data. This work-flow language is fundamentally different to other languages as it implements a new programming model. Inspired by inductive constructs of functional programming this programming model allows it to abstract the complexities of data and processing distribution. This means the user is not required to have any knowledge of the underlying architecture or how to write distributed programs. As well as making distributed resources available to more people, this abstraction also reduces the potential for errors when writing distributed programs. While this abstraction places some restrictions on the user, it is descriptive enough to describe a large class of problems, including algorithms for solving Singular Value Decompositions and Least Squares problems. Currently this language runs on a stand-alone middleware. This middleware can however be adapted to run on top of a wide range of existing work-flow engines through the use of JIT compilers capable of producing other work-flow languages at run time. This makes this work applicable to a huge range of computing projects.

Authors: Daniel Goodman

Venue: UK e-Science All Hands Meeting


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