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Nesoi: compile time checking of transactional coverage in parallel programs.
January 2016

In this paper we describe our implementation of Nesoi, a tool for static checking the transactional requirements of a program. Nesoi categorizes the fields of each instance of an object in the program and reports missing and unrequired transactions at compile time. As transactional requirements are detected at the level of object fields in independent object instances the fields that need to be considered for possible collisions in a transaction can be cleanly identified, reducing the possibility of false collisions. Running against a set of benchmarks these fields account for just 2.5% of reads and 17-31% of writes within a transaction. Nesoi is constructed as a plugin for the Scala compiler and is integrated with the dataflow libraries used in the Teraflux project to providing support both for conventional programming modes and the dataflow + transactions model of the Teraflux project.

Authors: Daniel Goodman, Behram Khan, Mikel Lujan, Ian Watson

Venue: Compilers for Parallel Computing 2015


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