Conference Publication

Design Considerations of Monolithically Integrated Voltage Regulators for Multicore Processors
October 2017

Presented in this paper are design considerations for a Monolithically Integrated Voltage Regulator (MIVR) targeting a 42mm2 multicore processor test chip taped-out in TSMC 28nm process. This is the first work discussing the utilization of on-die magnetic core inductors to support >50A of load current. 64 inductors with switching frequency of 140MHz are strategically grouped into 8 interleaving phases to achieve 85% efficiency and minimize on-die voltage drop.

Authors: Hesam Fathi Moghadam, Ji Eun Jang, Michael Dayringer, Ben Rak Amnouykit, Guanghua Shu, Anatoly Yakovlev, Yue Zhang, Robert Hopkins

Venue: International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) 2018


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