MSET2 Streaming Prognostics for IoT Telemetry on Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure
April 2021

Critical applications needed in real-world environments would be difficult or impossible to execute on the public cloud alone because of the massive bandwidth and latency needed to transmit and process vast amounts of data, as well as offer instant responses to the results of that analysis. Oracle's MSET2 prognostic ML algorithm, implemented on Roving Edge Clusters with NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs, attains unprecedented reductions in computational latencies and breakthrough throughput acceleration factors for large-scale ML streaming prognostics from dense-sensor fleets of assets in such fields as U.S. Department of Defense assets, utilities, oil & gas, commercial aviation, and prognostic cybersecurity for data center IT assets as well as DoD supervisory control and data acquisition assets and networks, and smart manufacturing.

Authors: Guang Wang, Dan ITKIS, Kenny Gross

Venue: 2021 NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (Virtual)


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