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Callisto-RTS: Fine-Grain Parallel Loops
July 2015

We introduce Callisto-RTS, a parallel runtime system designed for multi-socket shared-memory machines. It supports very fine-grained scheduling of parallel loops— down to batches of work of around 1K cycles. Fine-grained scheduling helps avoid load imbalance while reducing the need for tuning workloads to particular machines or inputs. We use per-core iteration counts to distribute work initially, and a new asynchronous request combining technique for when threads require more work. We present results using graph analytics algorithms on a 2-socket Intel 64 machine (32 h/w contexts), and on an 8-socket SPARC machine (1024 h/w contexts). In addition to reducing the need for tuning, on the SPARC machines we improve absolute performance by up to 39% (compared with OpenMP). On both architectures Callisto-RTS provides improved scaling and performance compared with a state-of-the-art parallel runtime system (Galois).

Authors: Tim Harris, Stefan Kaestle

Venue: USENIX Annual Technical Conference

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