Conference Publication

Composing Durable Data Structures (poster)
March 2017

Prior solutions for crash consistency on NVM have focused on two major areas. Data structures designed for NVM ensure that their metadata and contents are consistent after a crash, and operations become persistent in a well regulated manner (e.g. they meet the correctness condition durable linearizability [1]). In contrast, transactional systems guarantee that all changes from failure atomic sections of code (e.g. transactions) are entirely visible or entirely dropped after a crash. This work investigates composing operations on durably linearizable data structures into larger failure atomic sections (e.g. transactions). This goal can be seen as an extension of transactional boosting, a technique used in traditional (transient) transactional memory.

Authors: Virendra Marathe, Joe Israelevitz, Michael Scott

Venue: UCSD Annual NVM Workshop


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