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Analytics with smart arrays: adaptive and efficient language-independent data
April 2018

This paper introduces smart arrays, an abstraction for providing adaptive and efficient language-independent data storage. Their smart functionalities include NUMA-aware data placement across sockets and bit compression. We show how our single C++ implementation can be used efficiently from both native C++ and compiled Java code. We experimentally evaluate smart arrays on a diverse set of C++ and Java analytics workloads. Further, we show how their smart functionalities affect performance and lead to differences in hardware resource demands on multi-core machines, motivating the need for adaptivity. We observe that smart arrays can significantly decrease the memory space requirements of analytics workloads, and improve their performance by up to 4×. Smart arrays are the first step towards general smart collections with various smart functionalities that enable the consumption of hardware resources to be traded-off against one another.

Authors: Iraklis Psaroudakis, Stefan Kaestle, Matthais Grimmer, Daniel Goodman, Jean-Pierre Lozi, Tim Harris

Venue: Eurosys 2018, Porto


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