Oracle Labs

Tackling Today's Biggest Challenges

About Oracle Labs

The Mission of Oracle Labs is straightforward: Identify, explore, and transfer new technologies that have the potential to substantially improve Oracle's business.

Oracle's commitment to R&D is a driving factor in the development of technologies that have kept Oracle at the forefront of the computer industry. Although many of Oracle's leading-edge technologies originate in its product development organizations, Oracle Labs is the sole organization at Oracle that is devoted exclusively to research.

Research Strategy

Oracle Labs researchers look for novel approaches and methodologies, often taking on projects with high risk or uncertainty, or that are difficult to tackle within a product-development organization. Oracle Labs research is focused on real-world outcomes: our researchers aim to develop technologies that will someday play a significant role in the evolution of technology and society. For example, chip multithreading and the Java programming language grew out of work done in Oracle Labs.

Oracle Labs maintains a balanced research portfolio with four major approaches:

Exploratory research

Bringing in the best and brightest in their fields to pursue their ideas within domains relevant to Oracle.

Directed research

Working in collaboration with product teams on difficult, future-looking problems outside the scope of the product release lifecycle, but driven by product requirements.


Providing unique expertise that is useful in smaller engagements across many product organizations.

Product incubation

Providing a place to grow new products resulting from Oracle Labs research. Incubation is necessary when research results do not have a natural home (as is often the case with research across product areas), or where more risk needs to be eliminated from the work to demonstrate its value.

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