Davide Basilio Bartolini

Davide Basilio Bartolini - Program Manager, PGX

Dr. Bartolini joined Oracle Labs in October 2015. He is part of the PGX project, where he is working on performance evaluation and optimization and on reconciling the property graph and the relational worlds with a heterogeneous graph paradigm. Before joining Oracle Labs, he was a PostDoc researcher at the Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory (TIK) of ETH Zürich; he works in the Computer Engineering (TEC) group, headed by Prof. Lothar Thiele. He earned his PhD in Information Technology from Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) in February 2015, with a dissertation entitled “Techniques and Tools for Efficient, QoS-Driven Warehouse-Scale Computing”; he was advised by Prof. Marco D. Santambrogio and was part of the NECST Lab. Dr. Bartolini has been doing research on operating systems and computer architecture, with the overall goal of improving the capabilities and efficiency of computing systems at different scales: from embedded systems to datacenters. From January through July 2013, he was visiting student researcher at UC Berkeley, under the supervision of Prof. John Kubiatowicz; in Berkeley, he worked on the Tessellation OS project. In 2014, he won a Roberto Rocca Doctoral Fellowship and, from February through July 2014, he was visiting student researcher at MIT CSAIL, under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Sanchez. At MIT, he worked on novel, fine-grained DVFS management to improve the efficiency of datacenters running latency-critical applications. Dr Bartolini has served at Politecnico di Milano and ETH Zürich as laboratory and teaching assistant for under- graduate and master courses on basic CS, operating systems, and computer architecture. He has served as reviewer for several international conferences and journals.

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