Pravin Shinde

Pravin Shinde - Principal Member of Technical Staff

I am a researcher working at Oracle Labs Zurich, and I have worked on various projects including datacenter modeling, developing monitoring solution and analysis to help provide with situational awareness of datacenter, and currently working on developing a native cloud service for MySQL Analytics on Oracle Cloud.

Before joining Oracle Labs, I finished my PhD on Rethinking host network stack architecture using dataflow modeling approach and high-level functional language at Systems group in ETH Zurich, Switzerland under supervision of my advisor Prof. Timothy Roscoe. The motivation for my PhD research was about revisiting host network stack design to handle changing hardware, OS structure and application requirements, and this work lead to Dragonet Project. I have also worked on the Barrelfish research operating system to explore and understand the implications of recent trends of heterogeneity in computer architectures and network interface cards (NIC's) on the network stack architecture and the interface between applications and the network stack. Here is my personal homepage.

  • We need to talk about NICs
    Pravin Shinde, Antoine Kaufmann, Timothy Roscoe, Stefan Kaestle, 14th Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems (HotOS-XIV), Santa Ana Pueblo, NM, USA

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