Anton Bougaev

Anton Bougaev - Consulting Member of Technical Staff

Anton Bougaev is currently with Oracle Labs, San Diego. He holds Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from Purdue University, M.S. in Systems science from Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute as well as M.S. in Nuclear engineering from Purdue University. As a member of Applied Intelligent Systems Laboratory (AISL) at Purdue, he was conducting theoretical and experimental research on intelligent systems and their applications in Nuclear Science and Technology. Prior to his research and teaching at Purdue, Anton gained multiple years of experience working in life- and mission-critical industries including Nuclear Power Plants. His work in nuclear safety and security domains encompassed the Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) analysis of complex systems and commercial nuclear reactors. He has also held position of researcher at Oracle/Sun Physical Sciences Research Center/RASCAL, San Diego participating in the reliability analyses and product quality reviews of nearly every renowned Sun/Oracle server released in more than 10 years. Anton is a founder and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Pattern Recognition Research, an international community journal advancing research in pattern recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence. His current focus is on conceptualization of the innovative real-time event evaluation framework for enhanced cybersecurity and identity management, statistical pattern recognition and artificial intelligence -- IdM Reef project. Anton has 46 US issued patents at Sun Microsystems and Oracle.

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