Roxana Bradescu

Roxana Bradescu - Oracle Labs Security Architect

Roxana Bradescu is a Security Architect for Oracle Labs and is responsible for security innovation and assurance across the portfolio. Her interests include moving target defense systems, security metrics and analytics, and security machine learning and graphs. During her 12 tenure at Oracle, Roxana ran Oracle Database Security Pproduct Management, led Oracle's Global IT Security Operations Center (SOC) tools development and operations, and provided oversight on numerous cloud services as a Corporate Security Architect. Prior to Oracle, Roxana worked at Sun, Excite@Home, Foundation Capital, Verisign and several startups. Out of school, Roxana joined AT&T Bell Labs to work on expert systems, eventually taking on a small NSF funded project called Internic and actively participated in then emerging IETF and W3C standards. Education: * MS in Computer Science, Columbia University in New York City. Part of Steven K Feiner's Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab. * BS Summa Cum Laude in Econometrics and Math/Computer Science, Georgia State University. Recipient of the Economics Graduating Student Award. * Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP)

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