Karl Haberl

Karl Haberl - Senior Director, Oracle Labs East

Karl Haberl is the Director of Oracle Labs East in Burlington, Massachusetts. In this role, Karl oversees a diverse portfolio of R&D projects and manages a talented staff of world class researchers. Some current areas of active research at the Burlington campus include information retrieval and machine learning, programming language design, scalable synchronization, distributed systems, concurrency and parallelism, and graph systems and graph databases. Karl's involvement with these projects demonstrates his passion for creating leading-edge technologies to bring bottom-line benefit to Oracle and serve the needs of Oracle's customers, both now and in the future. Karl especially enjoys the challenge of attempting to effect successful technology transfer in the unique industrial research setting provided by Oracle Labs.

Since joining Sun Labs in 2003, Karl's research portfolio has included projects in Internet security, speech recognition and synthesis, search and information retrieval, machine learning techniques for content-based music recommendation, and systems for distributed communication and collaboration. Karl was also the Director for Project Darkstar and Project Wonderland, two open source projects that aimed to create scalable software client/server technologies for online games, social networking, and virtual environments.

Prior to coming to the Labs in Burlington, Karl spent seventeen years at BBN Technologies in Cambridge, where he worked on all kinds of technology, including digital signal processing, neural networks, networked simulation, expert systems, intelligent tutoring systems, data analysis software, automatic speech recognition, and speech-enabled user interfaces.

Over the course of his career, Karl has been privileged to work in many different roles ranging from technical contributor to business unit leader. He has been on the product side of tech transfers from research, successfully piloting advanced technology programs from R&D all the way through large-scale in-network deployments. This diversity of experience affords Karl a unique perspective on the lifecycle challenges of creating new technologies and products that lead to new business opportunities.

Karl holds BS and MS degrees in electrical and computer engineering.

Outside of work, apart from spending time with his family, Karl's chief activity is as an amateur musician and composer. Karl plays guitar and keyboards in a band for fun and records original music in his home studio.

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