Adam Pocock

Adam Pocock - Principal Member Of Technical Staff

Adam Pocock joined Oracle Labs, Burlington in 2012 after finishing a PhD at the University of Manchester, UK. He is a member of the Information Retrieval and Machine Learning group in the labs, focusing on Machine Learning. Adam's PhD was in the fields of Information Theory and feature selection, looking at the intersection between feature selection, structure learning in graphical models, and likelihood, resulting in a proof that many information theoretic techniques are greedy optimisers of the conditional likelihood.

Adam's recent work is in the field of Bayesian statistics, working to create probabilistic inference systems which exploit parallel hardware.

Before his PhD, Adam gained an MSc in Computer Science from the University of Manchester, and a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics also from Manchester.

Adam's PhD thesis "Feature Selection via Joint Likelihood" was awarded the BCS Distinguished Dissertation prize for 2013, a prize given to the best PhD thesis in Computer Science in the UK from the previous year.

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