Nathan Keynes

Nathan Keynes - Consulting Research Engineer

Nathan Keynes is a Software Development Manager at Oracle Labs, currently responsible for development within the Program Analysis research group. Previously he led the development of the Parfait static analysis suite, transferring to product development with the team before returning to Labs at the end of 2015. His research interests include program analysis, programming language design, secure systems design, reverse engineering, and binary translation and virtualization.

He first interned at Sun Microsystems Laboratories in 2001 with the Walkabout binary translation project, before rejoining the Labs in 2008 on the Parfait team. In the interim, he has been engaged by CSIRO (the Australian national science organization) for commercialization of e-health-related research, and by Virgin Blue for a variety of system integration projects.

He speaks basic functional Japanese, and in his spare time maintains the lxdream emulator and the ELR parser/scanner generator.

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