Memory Systems Research

Technological trends across enterprise, desktop and mobile computing are pushing the industry to integrate ever-increasing numbers of processor cores on a chip. While capable of enormous and efficient computation, such multi-core processors place strenuous demands on their memory subsystem. As a result, the performance, cost, and power consumption of memories exert an ever-growing influence on overall computer systems.

The Memory Systems Research team at Oracle Labs identifies and develops technologies that improve memory system performance for targeted applications. Informed by industry trends, benchmarks and customer workloads, we are re-thinking conventional cache hierarchies and memory management policies, and tracking developments in non-volatile storage, interface standards and packaging.

Three-dimensional integrated circuits provide an opportunity to address many of the challenges in memory system design. Oracle Labs is not only evaluating popular 3D IC assembly technologies, but also developing a series of innovative chip stacking and packaging technologies that promise significant increases in performance, density and power efficiency.

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