Oracle Labs Australia

    Oracle Labs Australia is passionate about improving the security of software and the productivity of developers. We research and develop new techniques in program analysis. We are best known for our scalable static-code analysis research that led to the Oracle Parfait bug checker used by thousands of developers at Oracle.

    Currently, we are building on earlier successes to develop analysis techniques to find security vulnerabilities in large real-world codebases—before they are exploited and become potential cyber threats. In the innovative Frappé project, we are improving the productivity of software developers with our work on analysing the impact of code changes in large codebases.

    Our research teams are working to ensure that these new techniques produce highly precise results at enterprise scale. For more information, refer to our project links (below).

    Knowledge sharing in cyber security and program analysis

    Our work in Australia supports Oracle’s other research teams. We share our knowledge with leading academics, postdoctorates, developers, and a diverse range of students.

    Through our internship program, Oracle nurtures local talent for academic excellence in cyber security and program analysis.

    Through our collaborative research program, Oracle helps academic teams spread knowledge in areas of mutual interest.

    And through research papers and industry presentations, our experts tackle emerging cyber issues to benefit the public.

    Meet our Director

    Cristina Cifuentes, Architect and Research Director

    Cristina is the Director of Oracle Labs Australia and an Architect at Oracle. Her team focuses on cyber security and program analysis for vulnerabilities, software reliability, finding bugs in software, and enhancing productivity of developers worldwide.

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