Scalable Synchronization


  • The Scalable Synchronization Research Group (SSRG) is focused on principles and techniques for developing concurrent programs that are scalable, efficient, and correct.

    We refer to scalability broadly, applying our expertise to a wide range of performance problems across various environments, from user and OS kernel code running on large multi-sockets machines with shared memory to distributed applications running on multiple computing nodes in the cloud. Our methods include novel (read-write, NUMA-aware, energy-efficient) lock implementations, efficient concurrent data structures, scalable memory allocation and management, etc. The results of our research have been published in premier conferences as well as got integrated into numerous Oracle products.

    In addition, we are interested in exploring and understanding the fundamental ramifications of various hardware features (such as hardware transactional memory (HTM), non-volatile memory (NVM), remote direct memory access (RDMA) support, etc.) on the properties of synchronization algorithms and concurrent data structures. We also have strong expertise in the specification and verification of concurrent algorithms, which is important because the kinds of synchronization algorithms we use to improve the system performance are often intricate and subtle.




The Scalable Synchronization Research Group at Oracle Labs is exploring hardware and software mechansisms for facilitating the easy development of correct, efficient, and scalable concurrent programs. This goal is increasingly important as multicore computing becomes ubiquitous, and increasingly difficult as systems become larger. Since being acquired by Oracle in 2010, we have continued our research in these areas, and we are also exploring ways in which techniques developed by us and others may be successfully exploited in Oracle's products.


  • Pantea Zardorshti, intern (summer '17)
  • Victor Miraldo, intern (summer '17)
  • Isaac Sheff, intern (summer '16)
  • Trevor Brown, intern (summer '15)
  • Maya Arbel, intern (summer '15)
  • Joe Izraelevitz, intern (summer '14)
  • Justin Kopinsky, intern (summer '14)
  • Tim Merrifield, intern (summer '13)
  • Yujie Liu, intern (summer '12 - '13)
  • Nir Shavit, full-time member (on and off for more than a decade), now at MIT
  • Mohsen Lesani, intern (winter '12)
  • Irina Calciu, intern (summer '11)
  • Aleksandar Dragojevic, intern (summer '10)
  • Yossi Lev, intern ('04 - '10)
  • Dan Nussbaum, full-time member ('04 - '10)
  • Marek Olszewski, extern (January '09), intern (summer '09)
  • Kevin Moore, full-time member ('07 - '08)
  • Alexandra Fedorova, intern ('03 - '06)
  • Ori Shalev, intern ('04 - '06)
  • Virendra J. Marathe, intern (summer '05)
  • Simon Doherty, intern (summer '03)
  • Bill Scherer, intern (summer '02)