Maxine Research VM

The majority of software today is written in managed languages, and new languages continue to emerge, demanding high performance and scalable virtual machines. A flexible and extensible virtual machine is invaluable in researching new implementation techniques, new language features, and evaluating design alternatives.

Yet as existing virtual machines have progressed in performance and functionality, their implementations have become unmanageably complex for all but dedicated product engineers.

Many years of experience have shown that the Java programming language and its development tools provide a major productivity improvement for application developers. Unfortunately, the popularity of Java as an application development language hasn't penetrated deeply into systems programming, particularly VM development.

We would like to promote use of the Java language in managed runtime research and development and in systems programming in general. The Maxine project is exploring software designs, methodologies and tools that make VM development more productive.

  • Maxine Project Wiki
  • The Maxine project's public Wiki page contains most of the important and current information about the project: an overview, discussion of features, instructions for downloading and building, access to mailing lists, extensive documentation about the Inspector, and much more.

  • Maxine Open Source
  • The Maxine Open Source code base is hosted on Oracle's Kenai server.

  • Publications
  • Papers, presentations, and demonstrations that have resulted from the project and its predecessors, both by the Oracle Labs team and by the growing number of collaborators.

  • People
  • The people who have worked on or with Maxine in Oracle Labs, both staff and interns.

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