Michael Van de vanter

Michael Van De Vanter - Consulting Member of Technical Staff

Michael Van De Vanter is a member of the Alphabet Soup project, building developer tool infrastructure into the Truffle platform for implementing dynamic languages. His previous roles include: responsible for the Maxine Inspector, a highly productive development tool for a next generation Java Virtual Machine; the software development specialist in the Core Productivity Team on Sun's DARPA funded supercomputer project; and Principal Investigator of the Sun Labs Jackpot Project, whose technology was transferred to NetBeans.

Dr. Van De Vanter has a B.S. in Mathematics from Stanford, an M.S. in Computer Science from MIT, and a Phd in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. His research interests include advanced program editing systems, software development methodologies, debugging, source code analysis for developer tools, source code management and configuration control, High Performance Computing, and the human factors of software development.

More information: http://vandevanter.net/mlvdv/