Philip Ogren

Philip Ogren - Consulting Member Technical Staff

Philip Ogren works for the Information Retrieval and Machine Learning (IRML) group at Oracle Labs where he works on a variety of tasks related to information retrieval, nlp, and machine learning. Before that Philip was a member of the Big Data Preparation ( product team at Oracle where he helped build a cloud-based Apache Spark framework for data cleansing. Prior to Oracle, Philip received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Colorado where he worked on a number of open source projects including ClearTK, uimaFIT, and Knowtator. As a member of the IRML team, Philip has worked on named entity recognition, entity linking, string similarity search, Latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA), and a variety of software engineering challenges related to these application areas. For example, he implemented and applied a highly specialized data structure called “tightly-packed trie” for the task of lexicon-based feature extraction for named entity recognition.