Peter Kessler

Peter Kessler - Consulting Member of Technical Staff

Peter Kessler is a Consulting Member of Technical Staff for Oracle Labs.

Peter is interested in the implementation of programming languages. While at Berkeley he co-authored the Berkeley Pascal compiler, which he ported to the Sun M68000 system in 1983. He spent 5 years at Xerox PARC moving the Cedar language from proprietary hardware to commercial processors. He joined Sun Labs in 1990 to work on the RPC system for the Spring operating system. That morphed into the Java IDL system when the Java platform emerged. Since then he has worked on core libraries, performance, and garbage collection in the HotSpot Java virtual machine. He looks forward to engineering new hardware and software to work together.


  • PhD EE&CS, 1984, University of California, Berkeley
  • MS EE&CS, 1980, University of California, Berkeley
  • BS Computer Science, 1973, Yale College