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Oracle Labs is a research and development organization within Oracle. Our research is focused on real-world outcomes: our researchers aim to develop technologies that will play a significant role in the evolution of technology and society.

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Students learned what it's like to tackle real-world business problems with Oracle's technologies as part of their capstone programs.

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HeatWave is a cloud native service which is exclusively available in Oracle cloud Infrastructure and provides compelling performance and cost for analytic workloads. Organizations using MySQL database for managing their enterprise data can now run analytic queries with HeatWave with significantly better performance, lower cost, not requiring ETL and support for real- time analytics in contrast to other database services like RDS, Google Big Query, Snowflake, Aurora and Redshift.

The service can be deployed in a cloud only or in a hybrid environment, and it simplifies management for both transactional and analytic applications.

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Oracle Database Multilingual Engine

Multilingual Engine (MLE) is a feature of Oracle Database that enables the use of modern programming languages like JavaScript for server-side procedural logic. On the basis of GraalVM, MLE builds a platform for efficient, scalable program execution in Oracle Database that is tightly integrated with processing of relational and non-relational data.

The Multilingual Engine team at Oracle Labs works on further developing this platform to provide innovative features for database apps.

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