Our Projects

Oracle Labs research is focused on real-world outcomes: our researchers aim to develop technologies that will someday play a significant role in the evolution of technology and society.

Current Projects


Distributed Systems Group

Research project to explore distributed computing problems relevant to Big Data Analytics, Cloud Infrastructures and modern networking and storage technologies.



Gelato is a client-centric dynamic analysis tool that analyses the client-side JavaScript code and crawls a web application to identify its attack surface and client and server-side vulnerabilities.



A high-performance runtime supporting Java and JVM languages, JavaScript, Ruby, R, Python, C/C++, and more. It can run standalone or embedded in OpenJDK / OracleJDK, Node.js, and Oracle Database.



The Keybridge project investigates the application of advanced analysis algorithms to data streams from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Machine Learning Research Group

The mission of the Machine Learning Research Group is to scale Machine Learning across Oracle by researching and developing ML-based solutions that improve Oracle's products and services.


Parallel Graph AnalytiX (PGX)

Parallel, efficient, in-memory, single-machine and distributed graph processing


Parfait Labs

Parfait is a static code analysis tool from Oracle Labs that finds vulnerabilities in web applications written in C/C++, Java, and Python.


Programming Language Research Group

Programming language design, semantics, algorithms, and implementation with an emphasis on convenient use of parallelism using multicores and GPUs.


Randomized Decomposition

Randomized Decomposition is a mathematical programming technique for solving hard, non-convex mathematical programming problems.


Secure Languages

Exploration of new secure language concepts and secure abstractions that can be applied in future languages to prevent vulnerabilities in code written in those languages.

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