Our Projects

Oracle Labs research is focused on real-world outcomes: our researchers aim to develop technologies that will someday play a significant role in the evolution of technology and society.

Current Projects


Anomaly Detection and Identity Management

The MSO group performs anomaly detection in 2 specific areas: (1) Multivariate time series analysis, and (2) Identity Management anomalies based on user behavior models


Automated Machine Learning and ML Explainability

This project is building an advanced pipeline for automating machine learning, including model selection, feature selection, hyperparameter tuning and model explainability.


Computer Architecture and Performance Modeling (CAP)

Performance analysis of computer system architectures exploiting new technology trends using advanced workload characterization and modeling techniques.


Domain Global Graphs

Integrates PGX & Data Studio into solutions that investigate domain graphs, e.g., in Oracle Financial Services Crime & Compliance Studio, and researches improvements, e.g., by using Machine Learning.



A high-performance runtime supporting Java and JVM languages, JavaScript, Ruby, R, Python, C/C++, and more. It can run standalone or embedded in OpenJDK / OracleJDK, Node.js, and Oracle Database.


Intelligent Application Security (IAS)

The Intelligent Application Security team at Oracle Labs works on innovative projects in the application security space spanning areas like program analysis and machine learning.



KeyBridge is a multi-disciplinary project using expertise from systems-programming, data visualization and machine learning in order to understand massive streams of data.


Machine Learning Research Group

The mission of the Machine Learning Research Group is to scale Machine Learning across Oracle by researching and developing ML-based solutions that improve Oracle's products and services.


Machine Learning on Graphs

This project focuses on developing machine learning techniques and its applications over graph-structured data across multiple domains like cybersecurity, compliance, healthcare and recommenders.


Mathematical Optimization

The MSO group in Oracle Labs builds general tools to solve both classic and emerging optimization problems and provides consulting to develop specific optimizations solutions for Oracle customers


Native Graph Support in Oracle Autonomous Database

The project aims at bringing state-of-the-art scalable graph analytical technologies into Oracle Autonomous Database.


Open Source Intelligence (OSInt)

OSInt is a program analysis/big data analytics project that aims to gather information about vulnerabilities in third party libraries from various sources on the internet.


Oracle Database Multilingual Engine

A runtime for executing GraalVM languages in Oracle Database.


Oracle Labs Apps

Designing, building and operating modern apps running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


Oracle Labs Data Studio

A multi-tenant, multi-server, scalable and secure arbitrary code execution engine with a notebook frontend.


Parallel Graph AnalytiX (PGX)

Parallel, efficient, in-memory, single-machine and distributed graph processing


Programming Language Research Group

Programming language design, semantics, algorithms, and implementation with an emphasis on convenient use of parallelism using multicores and GPUs.



Project RASPunzel aims to deliver an automated and scalable runtime application self-protection (RASP) solution for Java.


Secure Languages

Exploration of new secure language concepts and secure abstractions that can be applied in future languages to prevent vulnerabilities in code written in those languages.

Past Projects

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